First Kiss

I was 23 before I kissed a girl.  Actually she kissed me.  A group of mostly coworkers – we were having after work drinks.  Somehow I gave Susan a ride home.  Parked in her driveway where she lived with her grandmother I think; she didn’t immediately exit the vehicle in an efficient manner.  I liked being around a girl but making good time was important too.  We talked and then BAM! Long and wet right on the lips.  It was wetter and not quite as fresh as I’d imagined, but still – wow– I was floating. I figured she probably didn’t sense my inexperience what with her tongue leading the way and covering up any lack of technique on my part.   


Susan had a pretty face and nice long blond hair but was significantly overweight in the hip area.  I like a big butt as much as anyone but this was more than that.  She said her grandmother would be out of the way and asked me to come in.  Well, the kiss was a big deal to me.  I was flying higher than I’d ever been and I wasn’t going to risk it all by going inside and probably having a panic attack by not knowing what to do and how to act.   I just wanted to go home and float the next day or two, so I did.  I even included Susan in my end of the day fantasy self satisfication ritual.  It was pretty exciting – and no pressure.


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