I have had three recurring dreams that have continued over years.  In the first I am in college and it is near the end of the semester.  I realize that I have forgotten to attend some of the classes I signed up for.  I mean I haven’t attended any classes and now I have to do papers and take exams not to mention just finding the damn classroom – very stressful but probably fairly normal. 

 In the second dream I am being chased by a murderer.  Not in a fun sort of way but in a horror movie kind of panic where I am barely ahead of him the entire time.  This goes on for hours and I wake up to great relief.  Not quite sure how a body can rest and recharge during all this mental anguish.  I hate horror movies.  

 The third isn’t a specific dream but a dream situation in which I am dreaming but I know that I am dreaming.  Kind of like a glitch in the matrix that just has to be exploited.  So what do I do? I start looking around for a girl to jump; I literally am going to jump someone’s bones.  I don’t really care if she is under 18 and I don’t need to find out about her education or family or favorite movie.  I just look for a soft female to grab and molest before I wake up.  I never get too far – for one thing if you cum in your dream you do it in real life; and those kind of dreams only happen to teenagers.  For another thing, my awareness of the dream is slowly moving me toward consciousness.  When someone eventually invents a way to induce conscious dreams it’s going to be a real game changer.

  I was still fascinated by the whole concept of women.  But really is this what I would do absent any inhibitions, any restraint, any consequences, any shame?  Grab a girl on the street and try to dry hump her? I hope not; but there’s always daydreams – and I wondered what it would be like to call an escort service.


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