Strangers in the Night

I was scared of getting arrested; scared of somehow getting caught.  On travel and staying at a hotel, I nervously picked up the phone and did it:  I called an escort service – a total of three times before I declared it to be out of my system, as if you can get pretty girls out of your system.  The first time the girl took all her clothes off and plunked down a condom.  I wasn’t going to go that far.  We talked and touched some.  She talked too much; so much that I felt sorry for her because that much talking would be tough for any guy to take.  Eventually I rubbed myself against her and came on her belly. 

 The second time the girl was young (about 20) and pretty.  She took off her shirt but not her pants which was fine with me.  Her hair was long; and her body had the firmness of a 20 year old hot girl.  We talked and touched.  I heard her story and listened to her dreams to marry a doctor.  I didn’t tell her I was married and at one point she gave a subtle hint that maybe I could have her as a girlfriend.  I wished I had thought of this way to meet girls earlier in life; I might have pursued it.  I liked her.  I wanted to take her away from this; make her happy; love her forever.  It wasn’t to be so I paid her more than she charged and missed her when she was gone.  Some come got on her pants so she took them off and wore a hotel towel home. 

 The last time was in Las Vegas.  The girl was 26 and gorgeous.  She wanted way more money than anyone should pay.  I knew I shouldn’t but she was beautiful and I didn’t want to let her go.  I wanted to have a beer with her and talk and look at her; her fake boobs were spectacular.  We held hands as we walked to the casino cashier where she knew just how to get cash from a credit card.  We talked about her son; we talked about how she lied to her parents about her job.   I showed her pictures of my two young daughters.  She gave me the idea that this was ‘entertainment’ instead of cheating.  I liked that thought and embraced it.  I couldn’t get hard as she worked me with her hand.  Probably because I was intimidated by her looks and maybe partly because I had comet by myself that morning.  I walked her to her car – a Lexus.  I didn’t feel sorry for this one; she knew how to take care of herself.  I was mad at myself for giving her as much money as I did and decided I wasn’t going to do this again.


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