Sex and Marriage

Soon after marriage two little girls came along.  That can happen with a Catholic spouse who doesn’t do birth control – even when you only ‘do it’ once a month or so.  Cute and fun; the little girls have a way of becoming the focus of your attention. Happiness for me was now when they were happy, when they had friends, when their lives were right. 

My sex life was suddenly not so important which was probably a good thing because spouse was pretty set in her ways on the subject.  No trying new things, no different positions, and forget about introducing porn – which I really wanted to do.   To my surprise though, I broke through the confines of ‘pope approved’ maneuvers and past the ‘please don’ts’ and  forced my way south with an all out assault with my tongue and lips. 

She bucked like a colt; but wouldn’t ask for it again.  I would have to take charge.  Next time I included the fantasy of another girl in the action and, though not a big fan of dirty talk, she fully responded to this even joining in on the descriptions of the mysterious fantasy girl and taking the lead in our oral and phallic exploration of the imaginary buy nubile body.  She really went wild.  For maybe the first time ever, I had really hot sex.

This was a very unexpected discovery.   I needed to ponder what it all meant and where this would lead.


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