What To Do

Laying in bed with spouse, I told her about the flirting at work.  That it just happened and was largely harmless.  As the years of marriage ticked by, I was becoming a little bolder about proposing or stating over the top ideas.  Once scared to death of her, I was now pushing the envelope.  More willing to take a chance with her  outrage and the possibility of her flying off the handle.  I introduced and talked through – in fantasy terms – the thought of having college girl in our bed.  Of us both sucking and kissing and having our way with her young hard dark super sexy body.   She participated in this game.  Perhaps there was a streak of naughty in the church girl.  I also wondered for not the first time if deep down she didn’t kind of prefer girls.

 Things had settled back to normal with college girl.  Flirting and stuff.  Getting a bit more physical with lap sitting and such.  I never took her up on offers to visit her apartment.  Either out of a fear of the idea of cheating or a fear that I would go down that road and be confined by my inherent sexual nervousness and embarrass myself with a spectacular non-performance; I still am not sure which.  I could talk about anything with her.  She was quite forward and would  talk about sex with me.   I told her how I wanted her to come home with me and meet spouse.  To watch us have sex; maybe join in.  She was lukewarm on this; but I was pretty sure I could at-least get her to come meet spouse and have drinks with us some evening.  My mind was working, scheming, calculating.  I was processing plans in my mind.


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