Following the big 3-way tryst:

 College:  College invited me over to her place a couple times but I never went.  She wanted something longer term.  Something I didn’t have to give.  Though I felt lust for her, I realized I wasn’t infatuated with her for whatever reason.   She would be fine.  She moved on without any drama.  

 Spouse:  Spouse enjoyed her experience but was not keen to bring it up.  I asked if she felt like she liked girls better than guys.  She admitted she has flaws but the only thing she made clear is we wouldn’t be doing anything like that again.  Her mood improved when she announced she was pregnant again – yes from the forbidden event.   She doesn’t use birth control and her ‘available’ days are a couple windows per month that we missed that fateful night. Being the ultimate Catholic, two kids really weren’t enough for her anyway.  It was enough for me, but now I have a third girl.  All in all, a pretty cool kid was the result of a very risky gambit.  I never believed in fate; but I wonder.


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