The Good, The Bad, and the Unexpected – part 1

Some background, bear with me:

I’m fairly cheap.  I don’t personally give that much to charity but mainly because spouse can hardly say no.  Especially with regard to the countless church collections.  I’m frugal to partly balance her out; and partly because I don’t get choked up from the mailers with pictures of hungry African children.  They will go to any graphic length necessary to tap your emotions and your wallet.  The thing is – you really can’t stop it.  The more spouse donates, the more hungry children show up in our mailbox.  It’s a vicious cycle and I’m not home enough to throw away the mailers before she gets them.  

 First The Bad: 

The doorbell rang.  I steeled my normally pushover self to brush off a solicitor.  It was a boy selling something completely useless.  I said no thanks.  As he walked away I realized he was only about 7.  I then saw he was heading to his dads car parked at the corner.  It just kept getting worse – I realized he was in my daughters class, that he was shy and stressed about having to sell stuff; that his dad drove him specifically to someone he knows house figuring we’d be receptive.  I felt horrible, I mean really really bad for days.  I vowed to buy anything any kid tries to sell at our door for the rest of my life; though I imagined word of my beat-down would spread and my house would be marked as the grinch’s cave never to be approached by youths unless armed with eggs. 

 A year or so later, the doorbell rang, the solicitor was a male, caucasion, early 20’s,  some facial hair but that’s not important right now.  He was a veteran back from Afghanistan seeking support to put together care packages to send to the troops.  Who doesn’t support the troops?  Who could say no to a veteran trying to muster some support for the guys back in the foxholes battling it out.  It was a well thought out pitch that was aimed at the gut and extremely difficult to turn down.  I felt my stomach tighten as I stood firm and said ‘not today thanks’.   The pitch was so hard to turn down I think it was conjured.  I doubted a couple guys in their 20’s were going to spend their weekends doing this because their buddies on the battlefield don’t have enough shaving cream and chewing gum.  I didn’t buy it, and I felt good about sending them packing.

Next:  The Unexpected


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