Turning Points

Lately I’ve been thinking about how many turning points there are in everyones day that ripple through the fabric of the lives around and ultimately the whole world.  These seem to be ubiquitous when you are young and single; life seems pretty uni-directional when you are old and have kids.

 When I was not too far out of college in my first job, I had a brief business exchange with a new girl from QC.  She had cascading black hair and a body that guys couldn’t resist gossiping about.  Think ‘brick house’.  She was recently married but that didn’t stop minor heart palpitations on my part.  The notion that someone actually had access to her body was something I couldn’t quite imagine.  Anyway, it was Friday and that was that. 

 The following Monday the section secretary who knew everything was telling a few people that Meg, the new girl in QC, was killed Friday evening in a car accident.  A drunk sailor had ran a red light.  Had she been a second earlier or later – well….   There were still wedding presents in her trunk.  I was stunned.  Though I only knew her from a few brief dealings, I read everything I could about the accident and her life. 

 The QC section I’m sure was even more stunned.  When they recovered, they called another girl that that had applied for the original job.  I guess she had come in second because they offered her the job over the phone and she moved halfway across the country.  A few years later I would marry her and have children.  I still remember Meg and think about her sometimes.


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