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Going For It

To sum up where we are:  I got married without a lot of spark (out of loneliness, obligation or whatever).  I had gotten close to a super sexy African American college girl.  At the same time, I suspected my churchie spouse had a deeply buried passion for girls.  With more of a ‘shoot the moon – go for it’ attitude than I used to have, I have been fantasizing about getting the three of us together.  Not only would that allow me new hot sex without cheating (defined that way since spouse would be there; I also have a liberal definition of cheating – I actually thought Clinton made sense when he questioned the meaning of the word ‘is’), but also because spouse would be there I would hopefully bypass my self-diagnosed cockfright which is my inability to perform sexually with an unfamiliar partner, no matter how hot she may be.

 Spouse agreed with me that we needed to live a little and should have friends of all ages. College girl was going to meet us for dinner.  She was going to bring someone but ended up coming alone.  We went to one of those Japanese places where they cook right at your table.  Pretty entertaining.  College had a magnetism that was obvious; even the other people at our grill who we didn’t know felt like best friends before the end of the evening.  She draws everybody in.  Spouse and College actually got along quite well.  Spouse knew something about the dancing College did and College had a broad knowledge of music that they discussed.  I sensed spouse liked her.  A fun evening ended and we parted ways. 

 Two weeks later, with the end of finals as the occasion, College came over for dinner.   As the evening wore on and the kids were in bed we drank margueritas on the deck and listened to music.  Fortunately spouse had an up to date knowledge of music.   After several drinks. I leaned to the left and kissed spouse on the lips.  She was tipsy and ready. 

 I briefly kissed college and then held both their hands as we made our way to the bedroom.  Spouse unzipped me.  Her familiar touch and I could tell that I was responding where it counted – big relief.  College joined in – their aggressive use of mouths and lips punctuated by their intermittent kissing each other was too much to take in.  We next had colleges shirt off and spouse and I each had our lips and tongue on a breast.  I rubbed my stick against the young hard body but spouse intercepted and guided me into her.  I came before I wanted to but it didn’t matter, I wasn’t going to wear down easily this night.  I remember college taking off her pants; I was shocked to see that she was completely shaven.  Spouse dove in there without hesitating with fingers and then tongue.  College was fully into it; I was aggressively exploring her unfamiliar breasts, her mouth and pretty much anything else I could access with my tongue.  After some resistance, spouse gave in and let me enter college; though with the directive not to come inside her.  She got on top of me.  We both wanted it.  I came; though I managed to hide it from spouse who was busy kissing on the young hard dark body.


What To Do

Laying in bed with spouse, I told her about the flirting at work.  That it just happened and was largely harmless.  As the years of marriage ticked by, I was becoming a little bolder about proposing or stating over the top ideas.  Once scared to death of her, I was now pushing the envelope.  More willing to take a chance with her  outrage and the possibility of her flying off the handle.  I introduced and talked through – in fantasy terms – the thought of having college girl in our bed.  Of us both sucking and kissing and having our way with her young hard dark super sexy body.   She participated in this game.  Perhaps there was a streak of naughty in the church girl.  I also wondered for not the first time if deep down she didn’t kind of prefer girls.

 Things had settled back to normal with college girl.  Flirting and stuff.  Getting a bit more physical with lap sitting and such.  I never took her up on offers to visit her apartment.  Either out of a fear of the idea of cheating or a fear that I would go down that road and be confined by my inherent sexual nervousness and embarrass myself with a spectacular non-performance; I still am not sure which.  I could talk about anything with her.  She was quite forward and would  talk about sex with me.   I told her how I wanted her to come home with me and meet spouse.  To watch us have sex; maybe join in.  She was lukewarm on this; but I was pretty sure I could at-least get her to come meet spouse and have drinks with us some evening.  My mind was working, scheming, calculating.  I was processing plans in my mind.